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off the wall [Aug. 2nd, 2004|05:36 pm]
[Guess what....I'm |hyperhyper]
[Rock out with your cock out to..... |BLANKS 77]

palms are sweaty cant catch my breath my heart is pounding inside my chest im talking so fast ya cant understand ive fallen under its command chorus: speed - gimme speed wake up from another crash landing i fall down when i try standing blood shot eyes that blur my vision don't you see what youve been missin a pill a line do me fine i speed away all my time 48 hours still goin strong gonna crash out before too long

Im goen insane i havent been out of the house in days and i have a lot of energy that i need to get out. A job would kill alot of time if i was not soo dam lazy I dont want to do the old job reutine thng again. I dont care much for it so im just not going to do it anymore. I would like to make pizzas though that would be soo badass. my sister knows a kid that knows a kid that is made and could hook my up with at papa ginos. but then i got to fill out thos long and painful applications. applications are such a drag. you have to fill out the most useless shit. well that all for now. time is money and money is alcohol. roll out bitches

[User Picture]From: toxicfuckup
2004-08-06 01:22 pm (UTC)


add me to yer friends list biznatch.

<3 kaylee
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