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i like rice [Aug. 29th, 2004|03:04 am]
[Guess what....I'm |infuriatedinfuriated]

BECAUSE YOU DON'T.. know us at all we laugh when old people FALL but what would you expect with a conscience so SMALL. heavy metal and mullets it's how we were RAISED Maiden and priest were the gods that we PRAISED

Cause we like having fun at other peoples expenses and cutting people down is just a minor offence then,
It's none of your CONCERN, I guess I'll never LEARN.
I'm sick of being told to wait my TURN.

haha i know what your thinking,fuck yourself dick pie!
tonigth was gggoood i had a pleasant evening with a few chummmppps went to the ole theater with jimmy cancer jamie herpes eric the d.r.u.n.k and fricka sticka good tymes lot of laughs and one horrible movie i forget whos idea was to see andaconda i didnt think it was possible for a movie to blow and suck at the same time it was also one of the first movies i ever walked out of knowing i paid 9.50 for. The movie started off with really poor acting soo i was almost convinced it was a porno i was like hells yes! its assaconda i give it my worst rating ever 2 fits down Matapandolph was deeelightful knowing im better than half the people that live and make a living there it makes me an angry lad knowing that i have to breath the same air as them The lack of dumpster donuts was horrorly depressing cuz jamie drove past the hostess factory like 5 times slowing down everytime...meh, i hate gooks if i may quote ROMPASTOMPA "FUCK OFF" i kid i kid i make joke i like the funny chink from in living colour and what about mrs swan shes helarious shit its getting late think ill hit the sheets latr mooofucka keep on trucken