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im glad im not you - jonnytightlips [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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im glad im not you [Aug. 20th, 2004|10:50 pm]
[Guess what....I'm |satisfiedsatisfied]
[Rock out with your cock out to..... |ANAL CUNT]

went to foxboro and got warped it was semi gay until i found certain gangstas that made my day i was pretty disturbed to see how many fat people in the pit they suck because when they skank they break bones and they tend to reak like bad meat and or good cheese sum bald fucking fat fuck struck my ankle in the rancid pit and it was nothing but soaring pain for atleast an hour whatever he got his comeupance later on i spotted him in the agnostic front pit and i just fucken donkey kicked him in the face it was fabulous oh yeah the vandals played fucken awesome all though they played "i got a date" they re few songs i truelly despise for their closing song...yeah well warped tour could have been worse whatever....fucken stiff little fingers playing tomorrow hope to see sum cool shits there and a cheap sex playing on sunday
im out and dont forget im gald im not you